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Core Values

Our instructors are committed to offering more than just a place to develop Martial Arts skills; our goal is to teach our students a wide array of life skills that will help them to not only win in the ring or on the mat but also gain success in life.

We are committed to providing our students with a safe, family-friendly, fun and healthy environment where all may benefit from effective training and achieve a higher level of physical fitness and self confidence.

We encourage our students to rise above average and negative influences and reach their full potential through discipline, commitment and teamwork. We strive to consistently offer the greatest possible values to our students for the time and money they share with us. Martial arts excellence comes with it the responsibility of being a role model; we take this responsibility very seriously. Our curriculum consists of the following 5 areas of focus:

Discipline / Respect
Through discipline, one builds extraordinary strength and character. Respect and support of others are gained by respecting oneself and others.

Physical Fitness

Through proper training, stretching, exercise and nutrition, students will experience fantastic results in strength, flexibility and conditioning.

Detailed Technical Training
The superior skills and techniques we teach at Maui Martial Arts are equally beneficial to beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
We stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; how a person behaves in the real world affects how they perform in the gym or ring.

Strong and Positive Mental Focus

We study and incorporate programs used by Olympic trainers which are proven to build world champion athletes.

No Long Term Commitment Required.

The only commitment is from us to you; which is to earn your loyalty every month.